A practical & functional faucet

The multifunctional Monh2o-faucet has 2 ceramic control components. Therefore you have the choice between two selective levers; one mixer lever for the non-filtered water (cold- and hot non-filtered water) and one lever for filtered water using the Monh2o filtercartridge.
The filtercartridge is easy to replace, the cartridge can be replaced in a few seconds without any tools. Each cartridge can treat 600 litres of an out-of-common water quality.

The filtering Monh2o faucet fits perfectly in every type of kitchen, its available in 4 colors; chrome, matt chrome, terre de france and white to enhance the look of your kitchen. The Monh2o Faucet is a perfect blend of innovative design and multifuctionality and give you years of worry-free performance.



Led Indicator

Innovative (patented) and convenient system indicating the replacement of a cartridge on a mixing faucet.

The indicator will display a green flashing light when the water is pure and a red one when the cartridge should be replaced

Faucet aerator

The Faucet Aerators is available standard
on all Monh2o faucets. The aerator reduce
up to 50% of the amount of water wasted
while rinsing dishes, washing your hands


Product features

high quality double handle kitchen mixer
Green/red LED indicators light up when filters should be replaced
Made of solid brassware of Italian made quality.
High quality ceramic disc valves.
Hot & cold water inlets (3/8" compression)
Flow rate(hot/cold unfiltered water)- 6 L/min. at 3 bar (recommended pressure)
3 Filters included in the box
Filter life is 600 litres or 3 to 4 months average household use
Monh2o filters reduces contaminants including:
o Chlorine (taste and odor)
o Mercury
o Benzene
o Cadmium
o Copper
o Tetrachloroethylene

Product dimensions

Width: 154 mm
Height: 297mm

Quality & Design

MONH2O products are characterised by their combination of innovative technology, quality and design. Design is a fundamental pillar of our strategy to deliver the perfect balance between quality and technology. We strongly believe in quality , craftsmanship, outstanding durability, functionality, and convenience of use. This product is designed & made with passion and pride.



the faucet is available in 4 colors
Chrome . Matt Chrome . Terre de france. White
matching filtercartridges are also available. (see section cartridges)



Monh2o products are designed to last and we rigorously test them to guarantee their longevity. We ensures that sourced materials meet our standards of quality and so perfect products can be delivered to the customer. Therefore we are proud tha we can give a 5 YEARS GUARANTY: MONH2O warrants your faucet for 5 years from the date of purchase (except for the filter cartridge) against all defects in materials and workmanship, when used and installed in compliance with the uses & installation manual.