Filtration according to your needs

The cartridge will filter according to your needs. You will have the choice between 4 different cartridges according to the quality of your water. These cartridges consists of several filtration levels of which you will have the choice.

In a first level: Pre-filtration ( anti-sediments ). Water begins by going through a 0.02 microns filter which will hold all the remaining suspending particles floating in the water pipe, salt and turbidity etc…

In a second level: water will go through a coconut natural active carbon layer which will retain the bad tastes (chlorine and others, odors, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides as well as many other substances harmful to your health)

In a third level: water will go through some KDF (copper and zinc-coated which will cause an oxy-reduction) to remove, reduce and re-capture it by making it unactive. The heavy metals : lead, bromide, mercury but also sulphurated hydrogen, calcium carbonate, magnesium and chrome will be removed from water.

In a fourth level: the active carbon containing silver particles will treat all the bacteries, viruses and other particles which are not comptatible with health.

In the fifth level: water goes through magnets enabling a stimulation of the water increasing the Redox potential, which is excellent for your health.



available in 3 colors
Matt Chrome . Terre de france. White