Saving on several points

MONH2O is a responsible company. Our innovative products combine the economic, ecological and conscienly use of water with Quality &design. We want to continuously improve our products and processes so that we can also meet tomorrow´s environmental requirements.




Saving money

Drinking water from the tap is a cheap and convenient alternative to bottled mineral water.
A litre of mineral water costs an average of approx. 0,50 € .
A litre of unfiltered drinking water only costs approx. 0,005 € .
Filtering a litre of water from your faucet only costs approx. 0,06 €


Saving energy

With the MONH2O filtering system, you preserve the environment by stopping using plastic or glass bottles. There is a large amount of energy needed to fill plastic bottles with water, transport them to the store, keep them cool and dispose of them.
Furthermore you don't need to carry plastic bottles by yourself to your home from the store. ! ! .


Saving waste

If you have been buying your water in plastic bottles but would like to try and reduce plastic bottle wastage, consider using a MONH2O water filtersystem.

Remember, it costs a lot of money and uses large amounts of energy to recycle your waste. Only 13 percent of water bottles are recycled !
Nearly eight out of every 10 bottles will end up in a landfill and It takes 450 years for just one plastic bottle to break down !

The plastic water bottles are becoming a major environmental hazard. They suck up valuable fuels to make. They also create mountains of rubbish when they are thrown away.

This innovative product we developed for our customers ensure economical use of water, saving the envirronment and increasing our comfort. Together with our customers we work on the future of our precious planet. Thanks !